Basic Corona Large - 38mm - 1 1/2 inch


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P.E.S. Corona "Cockhead" Stimulators are a family of three Electrodes designed to provide Erotic Electro Stimulation (EES) in a simple, yet effective manner.

The Basic Corona "Cockhead" Stimulator is the simplest of these three Electrodes and offers general stimulation of the entire cockhead when in place.

Made out of our conductive silicone elastomer, Electro-Flex™, the Corona Stimulators all have the same basic structure.

Each has an adjustable Secondary Body that covers the cockhead (glans of the penis) and lays over the urethral opening for centralized coverage; or may be focused elsewhere on the glans.

The Primary Body encircles and stimulates just beneath the coronal ridge area. The Primary and Secondary Body of each Electrode intersects and lays at a strategic point, the frenem, allowing the stimuli to cover the entire external area of the cockhead.

Three sizes are available, to get your proper fit, measure the circumference of the cockhead while erect. To find your inner diameter, divide the circumference of the cockhead by 3.14

Keep in mind that the erection may not always be fully hard, so choose what diameter will work best for you in both a fully erect & a softened state.

e.g. 8cm circumference ÷ 3.14 = 2.5 cm So then you should go for an 25mm (A) size.

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