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Transform the way you experience electrostimulation with our Controller Stimulator. This remote-control electro sex machine has a range of up to 60 metres, allowing you to stimulate your lover from afar.

Controller makes the ideal substitute for remote-controlled sex toys, allowing your lover to discreetly pleasure you without any give-away noises. You can enjoy motion-activated stimulation that moves in sympathy with your body for rhythmic tingling and contactions that push your pleasure to new heights.

Fans of BDSM will love Controller's specialist settings that bring new life to slave training. Try our Trigger mode for customised stimulation, Boost mode for a high-power energy burst and motion-activated stimulation that zaps your sub when they move.

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What is the ElectraStim Controller Remote-Control Stimulator?

We've created the ElectraStim Controller Stimulator especially for electro sex connoisseurs. If you want more freedom and versatility from your electro-sex play then you're going to love this feature-packed stimulator.

Power up Controller and enjoy remote-controlled stimulation with a range of up to 60m. Whether you're a fan of public play, enjoy electrostimulation as part of your bedroom bondage games, you desire wireless control during sex or you're a professional dominant wanting an easy way to punish unruly subs, Controller is the unit for you.

Inside this bumper kit you'll receive everything you need to play. This single-channel stimulator can power up to 1 bi-polar or 2 uni-polar electrodes at once and we've included a set of 4 uni-polar ElectraPads to get you started. Controller is compatible with our full range of electrodes so you can expand your kit in a variety of ways. We also sell adaptors so you can use your other electrodes with Controller too.

How Does ElectraStim Controller Work?

We've utilised remote-control technology so that you can use our EM48x electro sex unit just like a remote-controlled sex toy! Instead of feeling vibrations you'll experience tingles and contractions that enhance sexual sensations and can even bring you to orgasm hands free. Controller has been packed with a range of impressive features to amplify the pleasure you feel during sex as well as offering fans of S&M a new way to enhance their BDSM play.

Remote-control operation means less kerfuffle during couple's play as the wires can be tucked neatly out of the way without impeding your control over the settings. You can also enjoy electro play while out and about by concealing the electrode wires in your clothing and wearing the Receiver unit on your belt loop under a jacket.

For those more interested in sensory play and domination, Controller has a host of features to enhance slave training, punishment, CBT and spanking. Push the intensity up and try out some of our more specialist settings to have your sub squirming as you test their pleasure/pain limits.

What Settings Does ElectraStim Controller Have?

Controller has a range of unique stimulation settings to explore as well as 7 pre-programmed stimulation patterns. It operates over 18 intensity levels to give you a wide range of sensations to explore, from gentle tingling to tortuous prickles.

Motion-Activated Control

We've created a special motion-activated sensor in the Receiver unit that lets you experience sensations in time with movement. Place the unit onto a belt or strap-on harness and stimulation will match the movements of your hips for a more sensual accentuation to sex, oral sex and masturbation.

Increase the intensity and you can use it as an auto-punishment device that shocks the sub whenever they move or you spank them. Pretty nifty!

Intensity Boost

Pressing the boost button temporarily increases the intensity of stimulation, making it the ideal way to induce a stronger orgasm at the point of climax. You can also use boost to temporarily shock your sub with a higher power setting. Boost increases intensity by 3 power levels, nudging you toward more intense stimulation for a few seconds at a time.

Trigger Mode

A great mode for bedroom bondage and sensory play, as well as for creating your own stimulation patterns. Trigger sets stimulation to push-button control, so you won't feel anything unless you're holding the mode button down. Press the button as often and for as long as you like, stimulation will mirror your button pushes for a completely customised experience.

Expand Your Kit

You can add additional Receiver and Transmitter units into the mix to enjoy stimulation alongside your partner or to control the sensations 2 or more subs feel. You will need to programme the units to respond to each other, but we provide you with clear and easy-to-follow instructions to help you set things up. Additional Transmitters and Receivers are available separately in our store.

About ElectraStim ElectraPads

Each uni-polar ElectraPad measures 48mm x 48mm (approximately 2 inches squared) and you can use 2 pads at once with Controller. Each pad is covered with a self-adhesive conductive gel that transmits stimulation to your body.

Application is easy. Simply peel off the plastic backing and place the pad on your body anywhere below the waist. Popular places to wear them are on the labia, the penis, the mons-pubis, inner thighs, perineum and buttocks. The pads can be used up to 6 times each, so make sure you keep the plastic backing safe.

ElectraPads are the ideal way to share stimulation with a partner. When you each wear a pad connected to Controller, you'll feel stimulation everywhere you touch as well as through the pads themselves.

What's Included?

- 1 x Receiver EM48rx stimulator
- 1 x Transmitter EM48tx remote control
- 1 x Connecting cable with 2 x 2mm pins
- 1 x Leather case with belt loop for the Receiver unit
- 4 x ElectraPads
- 2 x LR1 Batteries for the Transmitter unit
- 1 x PP3 Battery for the Receiver unit
- 28 Page full-colour instruction booklet
- Hard travel case
- 1-year warranty - Extendable to 3 years when you register your purchase online

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Product Features

- High-intensity single channel stimulation
- Wire-free control
- 18 intensity levels
- 7 pre-programmed settings
- Motion-activated stimulation
- Trigger mode for customised control and tailored stimulation patterns
- Boost button to increase stimulation intensity by 25% in a short burst
- Battery powered transmitter and receiver with low battery indicators
- Audio signalling from the receiver to confirm stimulation messages received
- LED display
- Intuitive controls
- High quality manufacturing and finish

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