an specialized collection of Electrosex Electrodes and Powerboxes.

Worlds best quality Electrodes and units for electrosex stimulation in a one stop shop.

Nowerdays there are many brands on the market which carry a Electrosex range of toys and units. Way more then 15 years back, when there where mostley specialized companys designing electrodes and units.

Since Electrosex (aka Estim) became more populair for public, big brands jumped in to raise their profit. Meaning there are electrodes and units being launched as electrosex electrodes or powerboxes, which in fact are not tested on effect or quality. They have mainly profit in their mind.

That's why we changed our collection of toys offered, and dropped the bad stuff, and continue offering only the better and best quality estim toys on the market.

To assure you to have a good result with stimming!

In General all orders are shipped within 1-6 days!

  • Every toy box should have at least one of these flexible little treats! These Electrodes are a basic neccessity that can be used in almost any configuration!Created as an alternative to Paradise Electro Stimulations' old acylic penile rings, the P.E.S. Electro-Flex™ Penile Rings conform to the penile shaft or scrotum with a fit so comfortable you'll...

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  • The connection on these adapters is just like the P.E.S. Low Profile Leads. They rise less then a 1/4 inch off of the Electrodes, so, when "snapped" or "pinched" into place, they allow freedom to move into any position you desire without worry, even sitting or lying on your back. You can even wear your P.E.S. Electrodes under your clothing! These Adapters...

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  • A deceptively simple design, the Prostate Stimulator consists of a highly conductive polished aluminum sphere that is about 1 inch in diameter, mounted on a uniquely flexible T-Base platform. The conductive sphere is what allows this Electrode to deliver such precisely focused electro stimuli to the prostate gland region. But how to ensure that this...

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  • P.E.S. Corona “Cockhead” Stimulators are a family of three Electrodes designed to provide Erotic Electro Stimulation (EES) in a simple, yet effective manner. The Corona “Cockhead” Stimulator with Urethral Amplifier is the third and most unique of the Corona family, generating a new type of electrode for urethral stimulation in conjunction with cockhead...

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  • One of the original Electrodes from Paradise Electro Stimulations, the P.E.S. Acrylic Anal Plugs are constructed out of smooth acrylic rods with a conductive strip on each side to stimulate the anal sphincter muscle and interior of the anal cavity.These Electrodes begin stimulating before the electricity is even added. The smooth and cleverly contoured...

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  • ElectraStim SensaVox is our most advanced stimulator. If you want a high-performing unit that offers more ways to play then you'll love this mains-powered, dual-channel electro sex machine. Create your own stimulation patterns by playing music or using voice commands to control the rhythm, intensity and duration of stimulation for a sexual experience...

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  • Prepare to be dazzled by our first dual-channel rechargeable electro-sex stimulator. ElectraStim Flick Duo is not only beautiful to look at, it also features a host of unique functions to set it apart from other electrostimulators on the market. Because there's no need for bulky batteries, Flick Duo fits neatly in the palm of your hand. The slimline size...

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  • For the fancy: With his 24K gold-plated urethral sound flanked by two golden balls, our Plunging Pete stimulates the glans from both outside and inside. The urethral probe has a slim diameter of 4 mm that is easily inserted even if you've never done that before. The short length of 35 mm takes good care that it is the tip and nothing but the tip that gets...

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  • Combining the targeted stimulation of a love egg with the thrusting abilities of a dildo, our bi-polar Depth Charge Electro Probe is the ideal choice for G-spot, A-spot and prostate stimulation. The curvy tip is perfectly sized and shaped to massage your internal hot spots while the firm-yet-flexible stem gives you maximum control over how and where you...

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  • The Pubic Enemy No 1 is our neat and transparent cock cage with e-stim function: He lets you keep a boisterous willy pent up under lock and key so that he can't get stiff until the mistress, or the master, comes with the key and lets him out. With the conducting surfaces, left and right, the prisoner can be treated to your heart's content with tingles,...

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  • Boasting a sweeping upward curve, bulbous tip and mid-shaft swell, Ovid is a beautifully formed dildo that serves up incredible stimulation for either her G-spot or his prostate. Soft, squeezable and incredibly conductive, this sensual electro dildo connects to any ElectraStim stimulator to bring you teasing pulsations and powerful contractions that edge...

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